Rich and Tiffani Zuch

(Calvin and Charlie)

As of spring 2017, the Zuchs and the Kaleo Kids ministry have officially merged with Jungle Kids for Christ, an established foundation in the jungles of Ecuador. Jungle Kids for Christ exists to empower children so that they can break the cycles of poverty and abuse and share the message of hope and transformation with their families, communities, country and the world.

JKC does this through operating a Christian school, giving the children of the region an opportunity for a quality education that is otherwise not available. This past year, a boarding home was also established allowing four girls from rural indigenous communities to live on the school property throughout the week and attend classes. Another three girls will join the boarding home this coming school year. Also in the past year, we started a farm to provide work opportunities for parents wanting to send their children to the school but are unable to afford it.

SERVING WITH Jungle Kids for Christ IN Ecuador


  • Pray that they would continue to build meaningful relationships with people in their community despite the mountain of differences between them.
  • Pray for their family’s safety and health as they live hours away from any kind of quality medical care (as they learned last year after Rich’s accident with a table saw).
  • Pray for the daily difficulties, inconveniences and annoyances of an American family trying to live and work in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The enemy is a master at using these to wear them out and beat them down.

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