Darin and Sherry Coyle

(Alex, Ashlee and Luke)

Last fall, the Coyle Family began a year of furlough in North Carolina to renew and regroup, with the intentions of returning to Ecuador a year later. However, God revealed something different for them.

For this upcoming school year (2017-2018), the Coyles will be remaining in Greenville, NC, developing Gear Up Ministry. Gear Up is a 501c3 organization “that exists to train, share, equip and connect with firefighters and EMS workers in international communities, all for the glory of God.” God has already given many incredible connections and opportunities to share the Gospel with over 130 Ecuadorian firefighters through the platform of bringing professional training from US firefighters and EMS workers. And there are more open doors on the horizon! If you would like to read more about this cool and exciting ministry and how you might get involved, please visit



  • For continued opportunities, and the resources needed, to share the Gospel through Gear Up. Please pray that God continues to open doors and transform lives through the salvation message of Gospel.
  • Luida—the teenage girl from the jungle of Ecuador who recently had life-changing, corrective leg surgery at the Shriners Hospital in St. Louis. Please pray for her as she undergoes daily, painful therapy. During many months of rehab, she will be living at the Ronald McDonald House with her caregiver, Kasey. Pray for Luida’s salvation, and that when she returns to the jungle, God will use her life to spread the Gospel in her sphere of influence.
  • For the 3 Coyle children: Alex (21) who recently transferred to a college in NC to continue with her nursing education; Ashlee (18) who recently enlisted with the NC National Guard and will be leaving for basic training October 2 and will be eventually serving as a Chaplain’s Assistant; Luke (15) who began his first year as a high school student at Trinity Christian School
  • For Darin and Sherry: Please pray they would walk worthy of the Lord, please Him in every way, bear fruit in every good work, grow in the knowledge of God, be strengthened with all power according to His glorious might and have great endurance and patience (Colossians 1:10-11).

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