Craig and Sarah

Annelise and Eliana

Craig and Sarah, with their daughters Annelise and Eliana, work in a very remote and nearly inaccessible area of the country of Mongolia. They operate a school called NovaLingua where they teach English to people as a way to show love and share the Good News. The area is predominantly Muslim, and many people have only heard of Jesus as a prophet. Craig and Sarah get to introduce Him as Savior to colleagues, students, and neighbors!



  • Fellowships in Russia have been connecting with fellowships in Mongolia now that the border is open for visa-free travel. A number of Russian pastors have made the trip to Ulgii to share the Good News, and several local believers have received help while in Russia for medical treatment. One local family connected with a Russian pastor and his family because both of their 10-year-old daughters have Type 1 diabetes. Kazakhs are generally very open to Russians and many speak Russian due to Soviet times, so they are asking that more brothers and sisters from Russia come and be a part of the harvest in Ulgii!
  • Novalingua has been profitable this year and they were able to afford a new computer, a larger classroom, internet in the classroom, and a staff retreat to celebrate six years of operation! They had an amazing time together on the retreat (including staff families) and it broke the ice that had formed due to miscommunications and mistrust that had accumulated during the time they were gone to have Eliana in Canda. Praise the Lord for answering your prayers last year regarding the slander Novalingua experienced on Facebook. If anything, our reputation as a reputable language school increased from that debacle!
  • Several young people (teenagers) have made decisions, and their peers and families have had varied responses. Please ask that these young people stand firm and receive training to become leaders in the fellowships in Ulgii. There is a thirst amongst this age group for identity, and most turn to Islam (following it more closely than their parents) or careers (making money and buying stuff), but a few are drawn to the message that what we see is not all there is and that we can be forgiven and free through Jesus!
  • Please ask for continued impact into their students’ lives, many of whom are at a crossroads, deciding their faith and identity.  As well, we continue to hope for heart changes in some of our closest friends who have heard and been exposed to Hope for many years but have yet to make a commitment. They eagerly await a season of fruit!

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