Go & Be 2018

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Jesus commanded all of us to GO, not just a few. He didn’t discriminate on WHO should go or to WHOM they go. He just said, “GO.” TDF takes this command seriously.

The light of the gospel is not only meant to shine far but to shine bright at home too. Some of us carry that light to far away places. Some carry that light to dark places just around the corner from our church. In the coming weeks, you will see the faces of our REACH Partners, families who have said: “I will go”. TDF has 12 REACH Partners in eight countries plus Hawaii and Tennessee. We also have 12 ministry partners who serve both locally and globally in ways that stir our hearts. These organizations and ministries are making a difference through prison ministry, fighting sex trafficking, providing for orphans and refugees, feeding the homeless, counseling women in unplanned pregnancies, and providing help in hard to reach places in the world. We are partners in sharing this light both near and far.


How will you be a part of the command to go this year?


Get to know ourĀ REACH PartnersĀ and get involved with their ministries here and around the world!