TDF Serve Day

July 27 3:30 - 7:00 pm

We are partnering with Men of Valor to facilitate their Family Day. We’ll worship together, feed them, and donate all the materials their kids need to be ready for the school year. Besides, we’ll have some inflatables outside for kids to have fun, all in the same afternoon!

We need around 112 volunteers, and there are different ways to serve. I cannot wait to serve these families together with you.

Date: Saturday, July 27th

Time: 3:30 pm – 7 pm
Parking: Parking at McGavock High School.
Food: We’ll have food for all volunteers in room 101.

Volunteers arrival
*******Ensure you know your arrival time when you sign up, depending on the team you’d like to join************


3:30 pm to 4 pm: Welcome the families.


4 pm to 4:30 pm: Speak to the families at worship family
All the families will go to the worship center, where we’ll pray and tell them what to expect of the evening.


4:30 pm to 6:30 pm: Family shopping, eating, fun.
Families will have 2 hours to shop for free (for all school materials, donations, etc.), eat (at the Chapel), and play outside with the inflatables.


6:30 pm to 7 pm: Concert.
Back to the worship center to hear a final word, pray, and worship.

7 to 8 pm: Clean up.
Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere. The Church must look pristine for Sunday worship the following day.

There are several teams to join. 


  • SETUP 1:30PM (PARKING AT McGAVOCK HS): *Arrive 1:30pm (stay or leave when job done) *Setup tables by worshipcenter & cafe for families to shop. *Set up tables & chairs at Chapel & underpass for families to eat. *Help w/inflatables. *Cleanup. *Food #101.
    11 remaining
  • GREETERS: Arrive at 3 pm and leave a little after 7 pm when the families leave. There will be food for all volunteers in room 101. Five at the main door and five at the underpass.
    7 remaining
  • PARKING HOSTS AT McGAVOCK HIGH SCHOOL: Arrive 3pm, leave 7:30pm. Help families to get from McGavock HS to TDF. Block main entrance to TDF & guide to McGavock HS parking lot. Help families return to HS afterward. Food for volunteers in room 101.
    12 remaining
  • WORSHIP: Arrive at 6 pm to prepare for 7 pm. Concert at 7 pm. Leave at 7:30 pm. Food for volunteers is available in room 101.
    7 remaining
  • INFLATABLES OVERSEERS: Arrive at 3:30 pm and leave at 7 pm. You’ll be helping kids to have fun and make sure everyone is waiting their turn in case one of the inflatables is full. Food for volunteers is available in room 101.
    16 remaining
  • SHOPPING FACILITATORS: Arrive at 1:30 pm. Leave at 7 pm. We’ll set up tables with all the school supplies, donations, etc., and you’ll help the families answer their questions while ensuring we have enough for everyone. Volunteer Food in room 101.
    19 remaining
  • SERVING AT THE CHAPEL: Arrive 3:30pm. MOV families have 2 hours to eat at Chapel, from 4:30-6:30pm. Help them get comfortable and ensure Chapel is clean. After 6:30, put tables/chairs away to be ready for Sun. Food for volunteers in room 101.
    4 remaining
  • CLEAN-UP AFTERWARDS: Arrive 6:30pm-leave when everything is clean. An intense clean-up to prepare church for Sun.—hallways, Worship Center, Chapel, bathrooms, putting tables/chairs back where they belong. Clean up everywhere! Food in Room 101.
    17 remaining
  • FOOD TEAM AT ROOM 101: Arrive at 3 pm. You’ll be in room 101, helping with all the volunteers’ food and in charge of picking up any food we might order.
    3 remaining