Beyond Me! experience

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When is the last time you experienced a new culture or took part in an unfamiliar tradition? Have you ever befriended someone from another country, tried to learn a new language, or tasted a foreign cuisine? When is the last time you could truly say you did something beyond your normal? Our 20/20 vision statement challenges us to reach diverse communities, so how can we make that happen?

On April 14, we are organizing an event called Beyond Me! This experience will expose you to the diversity of Nashville with the hopes of further engagement that leads to personal relationships.

You can choose from one of three time slots on April 14: 8:30a-12:00p, 12:00p-3:00p, or 3:30p-6:00p.

Cost for the day will be the cost of the meal (between $10-15).

There will be 30 minutes of orientation/training, two hours of service/exposure, and one hour of meal/debriefing. Volunteers will be doing a variety of activities: walking with Kurdish women (for women only), visiting a Muslim mosque (for men only), and interacting and playing with kids at an international apartment complex.

There are a limited amount of spots, so if you are interested, email [email protected].