20/20 Vision

By 2020, we will be a church fully committed to making intentional disciple-makers, reaching diverse communities with the gospel, and launching healthy churches to impact the world.

Intentional Disciple-Makers

Allowing God to use our spiritual gifts and relationships to ensure that TDF members know how to introduce others to Christ and walk with them in their spiritual growth as our part of the Great Commission.

Diverse Communities

Recognizing the population growth in middle Tennessee and reaching the “unchurched” individuals and families from diverse cultures with the Gospel, especially as it relates to immigrants and refugees.

Healthy Churches

Following the Lord’s leadership, healthy and gifted disciples will be called to plant churches and will be prayerfully and financially supported by the TDF family. Together impacting the world for the cause of Christ

To Accomplish Our Vision, We Are Doing

three things...

We are confronted with a number of challenges accompanying the success God has blessed us with. This financial initiative is simultaneously addressing these goals.

20/20 Vision
20/20 Vision

Eliminate $1 million in debt by giving $600,000 in addition to our current monthly payments.

20/20 Vision
20/20 Vision

We need $800,000 for facility renovations.

20/20 Vision
20/20 Vision

Set aside $300,000 for church-launching initiatives.

Financial Goal

Raise $1.7 million over 4 years

TOTAL PLEDGE TO DATE — $1,475,555.25


Total Given to Date: $665,385.09


Partners Progress Praise

we invite you to give...

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Together our commitments will eliminate long-term debt, align our facilities to our current vision, provide more on-site parking as well as make available resources to launch other healthy churches where God leads.

The total cost of this financial initiative is $1.7 million. To reach this goal, we invite you to prayerfully consider what God desires you to give in addition to regular tithes and offerings. How will this be done? Join us in making a four-year commitment to the 20/20 Vision. Every single person and every single gift is important if we are going to accomplish this vision.

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