Have you ever longed to see where your favorite Bible stories actually happened? To sail across the Sea of Galilee? To wade in the Jordan River? To step inside the Garden Tomb and wander around the twisting alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City? To stand on the Mount of Olives and contemplate our Lord’s return? To walk along the pathways of the Holy Land? To gaze down on the real Valley of Armageddon?

Join Pastors Tommy Swindol and Robert Morgan for a ten-day, all-Israel trip, departing June 5, 2017. We’ll fly direct from New York to Tel Aviv and spend three nights at our favorite hotel onshore of the Sea of Galilee. From there we’ll venture out to tour Capernaum, Nazareth, and the sites where Jesus healed the sick, fed the multitudes, and preached His great sermons. Motoring to the south, we’ll spend four nights in Jerusalem at a hotel within walking distance of the Old City. We’ll visit Bethlehem, the Garden Tomb, and venture a drive down to the Dead Sea. I’ll be giving brief messages along the way at certain Biblical sites, and our Jewish Guide will provide commentary along the way.

For more information including costs, download the brochure at the bottom of this page or contact [email protected]

Israel Trip Brochure

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