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Part of our 20/20 vision is to be a church making intentional disciple-makers and reaching diverse communities with the Gospel. In order to accomplish this effectively, we’d like to open up space for as many people as possible. To aid this effort, we are excited to be adding a third service this coming school year! Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions below. 


Why are we launching a third service on August 6, 2017?

A growing church always needs more space, more flexibility, and more innovation. For several years we’ve been at or around capacity with our parking, and often we’ve been using every available room in our facility both services, with little potential for growth. By adding a third service, we’ll achieve a greater capacity with our parking and in potential growth of our Lifegroups, worship services, and even on the Dream Team.


What will the service times be?

Sundays at 8:30am, 9:45am, and 11:00am – the same as our recent Easter schedule. In looking at all options, this seems to be the best next step for us.


What will TDF Kids ministry look like?

It’s important to us that we have something exciting and spiritually rich during every single service for kids.

  • The 8:30 service will offer a special opportunity for elementary kids called “Lead U,” where the kids will focus on leadership, servanthood, and the study of Scripture in a really fun way.
  • We will have nursery and preschool groups at all three services.
  • The 9:45 and 11:00 services will follow our current pattern.
    • During the 9:45 service, kids in Kindergarten – 2nd grade will attend Lifegroups while those in 3rd – 5th grades will attend Kids Worship.
    • During the 11:00 services, kids in 3rd – 5th grades will attend Lifegroups, while those in Kindergarten – 2nd grade will attend Kids Worship.
  • As always, elementary kids are welcome to join their families in the adult service any and every Sunday if parents want to do so.


What will TDF Student ministries look like?

TDF students in 6th – 12th grade will all have their Lifegroups during the 9:45 service and attend worship and/or serve with their families at either 8:30 or 11:00.


When will Lifetrack take place?

Lifetrack will be offered during 3rd service at 11:00 every Sunday.


What can I do to help this succeed?

Several things. First of all, if at all possible, please park at McGavock High School so we can free up space in our lot for guests. We’re working to improve our parking and golf cart teams so we can even better accommodate you as you do this. Second, consider worshiping one service and serving one service (even if that’s in addition to going to Lifegroup one service). Most of all, consistently invite people to come to church with you. Help us plug people into a life-giving body of believers!


Do you expect all of the services to be full?

Not at first. Capacity lids in churches always revolve around parking, adult seats, or kids space. Right now our church’s lid is parking and some space within our kids ministry. So adding a third service will involve some rearranging of the seating in the Celebration Center—but not for long. We expect new people to start coming because of your outreach as well as these changes.


How will the additional service be staffed?

Our major task between now and August is to recruit, train, and empower more people to serve on our Dream Team than ever before. So if you’re currently not serving, we want you to be fulfilled by jumping in with us! We’ve identified the exact needs on every team and would love for you to pray about how you can meet those needs.


Am I expected to stay for all three services?

Some people will stay for all three services if they attend worship, participate in a Lifegroup, and serve as a leader in a ministry; but of course, everyone is not expected to do that. We have many people who meet with their Lifegroup at a different time or on a different day.


Will the order of service and speaker be the same for all 3 services?

Yes. All of our services will be the same.


If you have additional questions or insights, feel free to contact us. We’re excited about this as we long to bring freedom, purpose, and fulfillment to even more people!

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