David and Angie Outlaw

(Carson, Tori, Conner, Schaeffer, and Libby)

The Outlaw family began their overseas missions journey in 2006 serving among the unreached peoples of Central Asia, sharing the gospel and working with national believers to plant churches in a predominantly Muslim context. In recent years, with the changing global landscape, visas became increasingly difficult to obtain for their creative access country, so David and Angie transitioned to a new role as Global Education Specialists with FWBIM, expanding their ministry to Russia, Panama, Cuba, and South Korea. With Nashville as their home base, David travels globally equipping pastors and church leaders in biblical discipleship and missions principles. David and Angie maintain full responsibility for Central Asian Ministries, and travel regularly to the region partnering with local churches in their evangelistic efforts and humanitarian outreach. When “home” in Nashville, the Outlaws work to create missions resources that help churches and families know the world, love the world, and find their place in it.

SERVING WITH Free Will Baptists International Missions IN Central Asia


  • Pray for their partners in Central Asia as they labor daily to share the gospel in a predominantly Muslim environment.
  • Pray for safety of travel, crossing of borders, and the granting of permissions that are needed in working in various countries.
  • Pray for their students around the globe, as they each have their own ministries planting churches, reaching the unreached and offering the hope of the gospel in hundreds of towns and villages.
  • Pray for God to provide the necessary funds to continue the ministry. They are praying that God will bring 25 NEW PEOPLE to their support team by the end of the year.
  • Pray for the Outlaw family – their son Carson and his new wife Cara, and those still at home – Tori, Conner, Schaeffer, and Libby; that God will continue to use their cross-cultural experiences to prepare them for the own unique role in the Great Commission.

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