20/20 Vision

By 2020, we will be a church fully committed to making intentional disciple-makers, reaching diverse communities with the gospel, and launching healthy churches to impact the world.

Intentional Disciple-Makers

Using our spiritual gifts for intentional disciple-making is more than a lesson or sermon. Disciple-making is the relational mission to which God has called each of us. We want everyone who is part of TDF to know how to introduce someone to Christ and how to walk with that person through their spiritual formation—as Jesus did. Disciple-makers aim to make other disciple-makers - this is the underlying strategy of the Great Commission. We bring Jesus into every aspect of life because He is everything to us.

Diverse Communities

God continues to bring people from cultures around the world to Nashville. Many, if not most, of these people have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel which means we are uniquely positioned to “make disciples of all nations” without leaving our own city. The immigrant and refugee populations in Nashville represent ninety different people groups, thirty of which are considered “unreached.” The profile of Nashville is rapidly changing. In addition to the refugee and immigrant population, there are individuals and families with unique cultures and values who also call Nashville home.
By reaching these diverse cultures and ethnic communities in Nashville, we have the opportunity to extend the gospel all over the world. It is our privilege to embrace this diversity and share the gospel with people of all cultures.

Healthy Churches

If healthy disciple-makers make other healthy disciple-makers, then healthy churches should launch other healthy churches. TDF is blessed with many layers of incredible leaders, people who are missions-minded and who want to make a difference in the world with their lives. We know that God will call some of us to go launch other churches and we’re excited about that potential.
God created each of us with an adventurous hunger to make a difference and to live for something bigger than ourselves. For that reason, we will multiply churches wherever God leads us. We long to be so good at discipleship that it demands we launch more churches.

To Accomplish Our Vision, We have to do

three things...

We are confronted with a number of challenges accompanying the success God has blessed us with. This financial initiative will simultaneously address these goals.

20/20 Vision


Eliminate $1 million in debt by giving $600,000 in addition to our current monthly payments.

This level of debt is manageable for a congregation of our size, but it hinders us when it comes to launching new ministries and churches. Retiring this long-term debt gives TDF the ability to reallocate those funds into life-changing ministry in our community.

20/20 Vision


We need $800,000 for facility renovations.

Our facilities need upgrades in order to better reflect our mission, vision, and ministry strategies. We desire our facilities to be safe, functional, inspiring, and welcoming to our members and guests from all over the world. This includes addressing our strained parking situation and upgrading our facility to better serve our guests and disciple more people.

20/20 Vision


Set aside $300,000 for church-launching initiatives.

We need to equip and empower Spirit-filled leaders and families within our church who will be the ones to launch other churches. We have a tremendous amount of gifted people who we know God will call to do this, so our passion is to position ourselves financially to follow God’s leading.

Financial Goal

Raise $1.7 million over 4 years

How Can I jump in?

we invite you to give...

Together our commitments will eliminate long-term debt, align our facilities to our current vision, provide more on-site parking as well as make available resources to launch other healthy churches where God leads.

The total cost of this financial initiative is $1.7 million. To reach this goal, we invite you to prayerfully consider what God desires you to give in addition to regular tithes and offerings. How will this be done? Join us in making a four-year commitment to the 20/20 Vision. Every single person and every single gift is important if we are going to accomplish this vision.

Weekly Monthly Yearly 4 Year Total
$10.00 $43.33 $520.00 $2,080.00
$20.00 $86.67 $1,040.00 $4,1600.00
$30.00 $130.00 $1,560.00 $6,240.00
$40.00 $173.33 $2,080.00 $8,320.00
$50.00 $216.67 $2,600.00 $10,400.00
$60.00 $260.00 $3,120.00 $12,480.00
$70.00 $303.33 $3,640.00 $14,560.00
$80.00 $346.67 $4,160.00 $16,640.00
$90.00 $390.00 $4,680.00 $18,720.00
$100.00 $433.33 $5,200.00 $20,800.00
$150.00 $650.00 $7,800.00 $31,200.00
$175.00 $758.33 $9,100.00 $36,400.00
$200.00 $866.67 $10,400.00 $41,600.00

TDF currently has close to 400 regular contributors. Our prayer is that 100% of our church will respond as financial partners in the 20/20 Vision.

What would God have you do?

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